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Ticket to Work


Over 60% of the people who sign up for AHEDD’s services receive Social Security benefits due to a disability, so we are well aware of the concerns and challenges that a beneficiary can have when pursuing employment.  Through the Ticket to Work Program (TTW), a voluntary employment project funded by the Social Security Administration (SSA), beneficiaries with disabilities receive a "Ticket" that can be assigned to an approved agency (Employment Network- EN) for support in finding and maintaining employment.


As an EN, AHEDD would like to serve SSA beneficiaries and provide them with the supports necessary to enter the workforce, increase their earnings and/or improve their chances of remaining employed for a long time.  We also have a network of Community Work Incentive Coordinators who are available to assist SSA beneficiaries in understanding how to work and manage their benefits for the greater independence.  To learn more about AHEDD's performance and accountability under the Ticket to Work Program, visit and search for AHEDD.

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