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Learn and Share Key Information About AHEDD...
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AHEDD's General Brochure                                                   (pdf version)                        

AHEDD's Participant Handbook                                             (pdf version)                          (word version)

Work Incentives Counseling Helpline                                 (Flyer)


Work Incentives Counseling- Fee-For-Service OVR Flyer and Referral Form  


                                                                                          (Flyer)                                  (PDF REFERRAL FORM)

AHEDD's Annual Reports                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                         (2021-2022 pdf Version) (2020-2021 pdf Version) 

                                                                                         (2019-2020 pdf version)  (2018-19 pdf version) 

                                                                                         (2017-18 pdf version) (2016-17 pdf version)            


Employment First Flyer- February 2016                                   (pdf version)                        


AND CUMBERLAND COUNTIES- 2015                                      (pdf version)                        (word version)

AHEDD's Frequently Asked Questions                                     (pdf version)                         (word version)

AHEDD's Mission and History-                                               (pdf version)                          (word version)

AHEDD's Personnel and Leadership-                                      (pdf version)                          (word version)

AHEDD's Performance and Accountability-                              (pdf version)                          (word version)

AHEDD's Community Relationships and Sponsors-                   (pdf version)                          (word version)

AHEDD's Position on Facility Based Training (Workshops)-        (pdf version)                         (word version)

AHEDD's Summary of Services-                                             (pdf version)                         (word version)


AHEDD's Pre-Employment Services-                                       (pdf version)                         (word version)

AHEDD's Job Coaching Services-                                           (pdf version)                         (word version)

AHEDD's School to Work Services-                                         (pdf version)                         (word version)

AHEDD's Guide to Transition Work Readiness Skills-                (pdf version)                         (word version)

Improving Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities After HS          (pdf version)                         (word version)

AHEDD's Business Development-                                           (pdf version)                         (word version)

AHEDD's Work Incentive Counseling-                                     (pdf version)                         (word version)

Raise Disability Awareness in your workplace and community...
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New Webcast Series Available:
Introduction to Work Incentives
and Ticket to Work:
Resources to Recruit Candidates with Disabilities...
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Understand Your Rights and Responsibilities Under the Law.... 



  • The Mid-Atlantic ADA Center is one of ten regional centers established to provide training, information, and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to businesses, consumers, schools, and state and local governments. The Mid-Atlantic ADA website is:

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