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How We Can Help

​Many would agree that obtaining and sustaining employment is a major key to independence and an essential element in the overall quality of life.  Our organization has been recognized numerous times for providing services that are innovative, personalized, and results-oriented. 


We are aware and actively engage the resources available to support individuals with disabilities and are always looking for new opportunities that will allow our services to expand and also reach new communities.

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Depending upon the needs of the individual we can help someone to:


  • Explore and determine his/her career/job interests


This might mean visiting some worksites to talk with employers and observe jobs being performed, participating in a time limited skill assessment within an actual work setting, and/or completing formalized tools that help one to realize their interests and strengths.

  • Determine how work will impact their SSA benefits and other supports


At AHEDD, we want to see individuals with disabilities working at their full potential and planning for increased independence. For those receiving SSA benefits, we realize that fear and misunderstanding may often keep people from working or progressing. Work Incentive Counseling can help people to make decisions based on knowledge and not fear.


  • Learn how to properly complete an application and/or draft a resume and cover letter

  •  Create a list of employers that may have jobs for which they are qualified and capable

  • Identify Transportation


Some individuals drive cars while others rely on family and/or public transportation.  We can assist individuals in exploring the options that are appropriate for them and , if necessary, teach them to safely and effectively utilize buses and other local transit.

  • Prepare for a job interview


This support might involve reviewing the common questions asked by employers, participating in an arranged "mock" interview with a friendly employer, learning the proper clothing to wear, and/or determining if the job seeker needs to disclose his/her disability.


  • Request an accommodation


Sometimes our program participants are not aware of how they could perform a job with a reasonable modification/accommodation.  Others may just not know the right person to approach within a company or the details they will need to provide.

  • Learn job duties 


This support might mean giving someone some extra tips/support to learn an entire job or just to improve performance in one aspect of an existing job


  • Handle workplace difficulties in a positive way


We provide those who go to work with at least 12 months of follow along services.  During such time we can help these workers to understand policies about time off, plan for any babysitting needs, address conflicts with co-workers or supervisors, and much more.


  • Connect to other resources


Sometimes the people we support experience issues with such things as housing, transportation, and health.  While AHEDD does not deliver service outside of employment, we realize that a person's employment success may be jeopardized by other situations occurring in their life.  AHEDD is ready and knowledgeable about connecting individuals to outside resources.


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