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 Become a Partner


Here are some of the many ways to get involved and show your support to AHEDD and it's mission:



  • Work with AHEDD to hire someone with a disability

  • CLICK HERE to find/share materials and resources that could be helpful to others

  • Encourage a friend or family member to explore community employment

  • Notify AHEDD of available job openings

  • Conduct practice interviews for our program participants*

  • Serve as a host for assessments and/or internships for youth and adults served by our organization

  • Utilize AHEDD's services to support an existing employee that needs an accommodation

  • Assist AHEDD in developing relationships with other community leaders

  • Invite AHEDD to participate in key community events

  • Persuade schools to utilize AHEDD as part of their efforts to transition students with disabilities to the world of work

  • Convince those on SSA benefits to seek out Work Incentive Counseling before dismissing employment as a possibility                                                                                                   


Or, contact us at 866-902-4333 to receive further direction



* Participants are individuals for which AHEDD provides services

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