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Businesses that employ people with disabilities not only fill available labor needs, but often realize additional benefits and business opportunities. These savvy employers understand that employees with disabilities often assist businesses in reaching NEW markets, suggesting product and process improvements, improving a company's turnover rates, and much more.


Hiring a qualified person with a disability brings greater benefits beyond just filling an open job. There's a solid business case, too. 

What Are Your Current Needs?
Do You have a position you need to fill?

Are you interested in keeping training costs down and retention high?

Do you need help in being compliant as a federal contractor?

Would you like support with properly handling a performance issue for an existing employee with a disability?
Could employees in your workplace benefit from disability awareness training?
Are you interested in connecting with other employers about their successes and challenges with diverse hiring?


The staff at AHEDD can help you in these areas and many more.   Learn more about how AHEDD can help your business:           

Contact A Regional Office, or connect with AHEDD's business initiative, Disability:IN Pennsylvania (formerly The PA Business Leadership Network).  

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