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What can AHEDD’s Business Services do for your company?
Businesses that employ people with disabilities not only fill available labor needs, but often realize additional benefits and business opportunities. Savvy employers understand that employees with disabilities often assist businesses reach new markets, suggest products and process improvements, can improve a company's turnover rates, support corporate social responsibility and much more.
Hiring a qualified person with a disability brings greater benefits beyond just filling an open job. There's a solid business case, too.
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Let us help you assess your current needs.
  • Do you have a position you need to fill? We can help with recruitment.
  • Are you interested in keeping training costs down and retention high? Support from our Employment Specialists can help your new employee succeed by providing individualized services on-site and through structured follow-along services.
  • Do you need help with compliance as a federal contractor?
  • Let us help you navigate accommodation requests!
Let our specialists help you explore tax credits and incentives such as…
  • On- the Job training- when available, this incentive can help cover training costs associated with a new hire or advancing an existing employee.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)- is available for hiring individuals with disabilities and others with barriers to employment.
  • Federal Bonding- is a unique tool that can be used to help High Risk job seekers get and keep jobs.
Consider participating in Community Based Work Assessments! (CBWA)
Are you struggling to find a qualified talent pool or have few candidates to choose from?  Help increase interest and build the talent pipeline in your industry sector by hosting a Community Based Work Assessment (CBWA). A CBWA is an opportunity for your business to be an ambassador.  You invite an individual with a disability into your place of business to learn what work in your sector is like.  They will perform a combination of work tasks with the oversight of one of AHEDD’s certified Employment Specialists, who possess Act 34 and State Police clearances.  There is no increased risk to the employer, as they are covered by AHEDD’s liability policy. There are no fees to participate, and the individual receives no payment as they are simply in training to learn about specific jobs. While these experiences are not interviews, you are providing an introduction to your industry sector, and in some instances, just may encourage a job seeker to pursue your open positions.
The staff at AHEDD can help you in these areas and many more. Learn how AHEDD can assist your business by contacting your nearest regional office today. Click HERE to view our office locations.
Business collaboration opportunities:
  • Do you want to collaborate with purpose to promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities?
  • Maybe you want to know how other employers like you are embracing critical tools that level the playing field in today’s business landscape such as digital accessibility?
  • Could employees in your workplace benefit from disability awareness training?
We are doing all these things and more with businesses all over Pennsylvania. Visit our Disability:IN Pennsylvania site to learn more about how our affiliate is expanding opportunities for people with disabilities through this peer led business to business initiative.
Are you in?
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