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In response to the business community’s needs for a diverse set of qualified workers to fill its labor needs, meet its compliance requirements, and respond effectively to the needs of its diverse customers, AHEDD began coordinating a statewide business initiative, The Pennsylvania Business Leadership Network (PA BLN), in 2000.


In 2018, the Pennsylvania Business Leadership Network re-branded this business initiative as Disability:IN Pennsylvania.  So why the re-brand?  

We are still an employer-driven program designed for business leaders to promote hiring practices that enable qualified people with disabilities to enter and succeed in the workplace. Our efforts are empowering businesses to achieve true disability inclusion and equality.


The support provided to companies through Disability:IN Pennsylvania is definitely connected to our employment expertise at AHEDD, but it also goes beyond just the assistance that can be offered by our agency.  This business initiative can connect companies to other community resources that can help them to identify candidates, deliver required training, determine viable accommodation solutions, and more.

Disability:IN Pennsylvania specifically offers employers:


• Access to pertinent disability related information                

• A network of employers who can share experiences and best practices

• Exposure to qualified job applicants with disabilities            

• Training on disability related resources, strategies, etiquette, and more

• Opportunities for positive public relations to promote “disability friendly” status

Contact Disability:IN Pennsylvania  today to start or improve your individualized strategy for creating a workplace and marketplace that is diverse and truly inclusive. 


Our monthly webinars/phone conferences called, TUESDAY TALKS, are a great way to start your engagement with Disability:IN Pennsylvania and involve others from your organization.  TUESDAY TALKS allow companies from across the state and country to quickly learn about a valuable resource or success story related to the employment of people with disabilities. These monthly phone calls are currently provided at no cost to the attendees and are scheduled on the second Tuesday of every month from 12-1 p.m. EST.


During TUESDAY TALKS, businesses are able to have discussions with their peers about topics that address: ideas for accommodations; ways to improve recruitment and/or retention; ideas for becoming a company of choice for employees and customers; strategies for compliance; financial incentives available to businesses; and more!






Just email us  to receive the upcoming topics scheduled for TUESDAY TALKS this year and receive the connection details.


Learn more about what companies are saying regarding Disability:IN Pennsylvania and Tuesday Talks by visiting our LinkedIn page.  


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