Board of Directors

AHEDD’s Board of Directors is the soul and spirit of our organization.


There is a great sense of purpose when like-minded people come together to achieve a common mission. Making things happen to help other people is a very high calling, and is perhaps the most satisfying aspect of board service.


Below is a list of AHEDD's Current Board:


Keith D. Mitchell- Consultant on Workforce Development- Board Chair

Jim Robinson, Esq.- Salzmann Hughes, P.C.  - Secretary

Bruce D. Schwartz- President- CLEANTEAM Building Services- Emeritus

Brandy Burnham- President- AHEDD

Mike Acker- Partner and Senior VP- Triad Strategies

Eloise Myers- Parent & Retired Director of ID Services for Dauphin County

Krista Streletz- HR Manager- Nursery Supplies, Inc.

Michael O. Palermo, Jr.  Esq. - Palermo Law Offices

Lindsay Hough, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Leslie Reis, Senior Manager, Workforce Initiatives, CVS Health






















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