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2019-2020 AHEDD Success Stories

Jennifer's Journey

Jennifer Stephens had not been working for five years before coming to AHEDD. Her intake day was right at the start of COVID-19 on March 13th 2020. She had the goals of getting back to doing humanitarian work again and was confident in herself to be in a leadership position. Through the pandemic, our Reading Office worked together and found the right fit for Jennifer!

On June 30th, 2020, we placed Jennifer at InspiriTec as a Supervisory Team Lead Customer Service Representative. Jennifer works remotely, supervising a team of Customer Service Representatives who take calls from people asking questions about their claims which leads to many different problem solving solutions. She stated that all of her team’s support is a huge reason of why she loves her job at InspriTec.

She has already met one goal by getting a leadership position, but Jennifer still has more in store for the future as she hopes she can work her way up in the company.

Jennifer is incredibly thankful for Rosilee Hardy and Debbie Sinchovich as they are the ones who got her connected with InspiriTec and provided her with Work Incentive Counseling so she stays informed about her benefits while she works.

Not only has Jennifer had success in the past few months, but this story also shows the success of AHEDD employees placing individuals during a global pandemic. We are so lucky to have a hardworking and dedicated team who are the backbone for successes like Jennifer’s!

Jack the Wrapper


Recently AHEDD presented Jack Stegeman with a well deserved certificate for his 16 years employed at Jack's Family Tavern! His job duties include folding silverware and making sure the parking lot remains clean. He is a very diligent worker, always folding the silverware neatly and at a steady pace. Jack’s coworkers are very supportive of him. His manager, Chris, and supervisor, Karen, even call him “Jack the Wrapper” for his silverware wrapping skills! He enjoys his job and is proud of his accomplishment of 16 years working at Jack’s. A photo of Jack holding his 16 year certificate hangs on the wall at the restaurant alongside of many other “jack” themed décor.

Martin's 1.jpg
Chrissy's Promotion


In 2017, AHEDD helped Chrissy find her dishwasher position at Menno Haven where she was for three years. She did very well, but realized she wanted more. Recently, Chrissy contacted AHEDD to request another job that involves more interaction with people. AHEDD’s Employment Specialist spoke to Menno Haven’s Human Resources and they agreed it was time for a new job for Chrissy as well. Chrissy now is a cashier and server in their new Café! With this new position came a pay increase and a more consistent work schedule which Chrissy really enjoys. Her Employment Specialist and employer say Chrissy is catching onto the new skill sets required very well! The best part for Chrissy, of course, is interacting with the residents when they come through the Café.

Obasi- ss.jpg
Amy's Journey 

Amy has been an employee of Berks County Intermediate Unit for 10 years now. Over those 10 years, Amy has grown into a confident teacher’s aid with a goal of obtaining her Child Development Associate (CDA). Some of Amy’s daily tasks include assisting the teacher with her lesson plans, watching over the children and making sure the room is in tip top shape for all the daily activities. She is an aid for students ages 3-5 years old. Her favorite part about her job is being able to watch her students learn and grow through their time spent together. Amy said she highly recommends AHEDD’s services as they helped her maintain her employment throughout the years.

Amy said she appreciates all of the support and guidance her job coaches have given her. Amy’s mother, Jackie, has been Amy’s advocate since she was born. When Amy started her job search, Jackie felt a sense of peace knowing that AHEDD was supporting her through her employment journey. Employment has brought a sense of power and accomplishment to Amy’s life. Jackie is extremely thankful for AHEDD's services as she stated, “I can’t thank you (AHEDD) enough for the support and encouragement that was shown toward our daughter and family.”

Jack- ss.jpg
Brandon Meeting Goals


Brandon came to AHEDD with the goal of finding a part-time job after he graduated high school. Well he did just that when he was employed at Giant/Martins Food. His job duties include collecting carts, conducting hourly clean sweeps, bagging groceries, and assisting customers and his coworkers. However, his favorite part of his job is interacting with the customers. In fact, his employer says he is a very fun and reliable employee to have around.

Brandon has goals for the future to keep moving up to different departments throughout his career and hopes to stay at Martin's (or Giant) his whole life. Brandon said his job coaches have always encouraged and pushed him to keep pursuing his dreams! His employer thinks Brandon can do anything in the store if he puts his mind to it, so he has plenty of room to grow.

Both us and Brandon's employer just want to see him excel and it seems he is doing just that.

Menno Haven Pic.jpg
Whatever It Takes Award


Obasi Davis is an AHEDD participant who has been working for Service Management Systems at the Capital City Mall for a little over a year and a half now. In March, Obasi received the "Whatever it Takes" award from Service Management Systems! He was chosen for this award out of 1,400 employees! We want to send a BIG congrats to our participant, Obasi, keep up the great work! You earned this!

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