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2017-2018 AHEDD Success Stories

Ryan- Co-Worker of the Month


Not long after starting at Embrovac in 2017, Ryan attended the Co-Worker of the Month certificate presentation. He told his supervisor, Ken Miller, that he wanted that award. Ken told him “You need to earn that award” and explained the ways in which he could go about it. Ryan took this into consideration and began working toward this goal. He achieved this goal in March 2018 and was presented with the certificate during a safety meeting.

Ryan’s employer has said, “He (Ryan) has changed then entire culture of our company. Before Ryan was hired, people would talk about one another and the environment just was not friendly.”

Recruitment Success


“Kelsey (an AHEDD participant) and I worked together at Giant for 5 years. I was Kelsey’s supervisor for a while and in that time I got to learn more about her and see first-hand the types of support provided by her AHEDD Employment Specialists. Kelsey informed me that AHEDD was hiring, but I wasn’t quite ready for a new job at the time as I wanted to finish college. Once I graduated, I asked Kelsey if AHEDD was still hiring and she eagerly said, ‘I’ll find out for you.’ Within the next week Sarah Guyer-Marshall (Area Manager, Chambersburg Field Office) came into Giant searching for me. Sarah encouraged me to send my resume to her for consideration. If it was not for Kelsey, I would have never heard of AHEDD or thought about this position. Kelsey was my ‘employment specialist’ and helped me land my right job match.”

--Natalie Stein, Employment Specialist

Employer Success


“I have been meaning to send you a quick email thanking you for everything your company has been doing.   Your clients have been great additions to our team, and your Job Coaches have been great to work with.  You have made my job of recruiting people much easier.  Thank you for everything.”


- Arlin Yons, Account Manager, ABM Industries, Inc. | Technology and Manufacturing

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Yvette Thanks AHEDD


Yvette is a single mother of two who had been out of the workforce for almost two years as she battled cancer. In January of 2017, she began moving forward with AHEDD to receive assistance in returning to work, with some physical restrictions, and navigating her responsibilities as a SSA beneficiary who was receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  By early February of 2017, Yvette obtained a job in an administrative assistant position and was working toward greater independence as she completed her Trial Work Period.

“Cathy (AHEDD’s Employment Coordinator) was there every step of the way, making calls, sending emails and speaking directly to her various contacts at Social Security.  Using her knowledge of the system, she coached me on who to speak to, what verification to provide and helped me to stay positive at a time when my health and finances were wavering”, says Yvette.

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Chloe says, "I Love My Job"


Chloe is a youth who, while still in High School, sought services from AHEDD to receive some short term work experience and participate in career exploration activities during the summers of 2015 and 2016.  

After graduation, Chloe secured part time employment with Fenner Drives of Lancaster County.  In January 2018, Chloe’s request to become full time was granted.  Each week she now works two days to assist with operating a machine that rivets/connects conveyor belt links together and another three days to hand assemble and pack drive parts. AHEDD provided Chloe with On-Site Training to assist her in achieving production quotas.

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Jerry- Wants to Be an Inspiration to Others


Jerry was excited to be part of AHEDD’s Success Spotlight.  He said he had worked with other resources since 1976 (when he got out of high school); however, “AHEDD was my first success with work.”  His life has been full of challenges regarding his mental health and past criminal charges, but his outlook is positive.  He added, “Thanks for giving me a chance...A whole ton of weight has been lifted off of me.”

Through funding from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, AHEDD assisted Jerry in getting a part time position at a local theater in 2015. His work schedule at the theater wound up being inconsistent and didn’t offer many hours. AHEDD continued working with Jerry to achieve his employment goals and he found another job in security in the Fall of 2016.  Unfortunately Jerry was unable to accept this security job because he relies on public transportation and SEPTA was on strike at the time.  Finally in March of 2017, Jerry secured a full time housekeeping job at Walmart; It is his first job with benefits.  He continues to work at the local theater on an as needed basis.

AHEDD supported Jerry in navigating the application process for Walmart and has provided him with on-site support to address training needs. Additionally, AHEDD guided Jerry on reporting paystubs to Social Security and monitored his performance. Due to Jerry’s status as a beneficiary, AHEDD will be able to provide Jerry with flexible and ongoing support under Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program.


Jerry IS an inspiration, noting  “A lot of people don’t have anything good to say for themselves.  Then one day they can wake up and have something positive [to say].”  

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